Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. User condition and acceptance.

The access, use and navigation through the web confer the condition of “User” to the visitor and suppose the acceptance, without reservations of any kind, of the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use. Access to the web is free. The registration of the User through the form reserved for this purpose on the web confers the status of “Registered User” and implies in addition to the above specified express acceptance of the Privacy Policy. The contracting of any product and / or service confers the status of “Customer” having to know and accept the General Conditions of Contract included in this text, as well as, if applicable, the Particular Conditions governing the acquisition. Only persons over 18 years of age are authorized to use e-commerce services through the web By accepting the General Conditions of use and contracting, the Client declares:

  1.  That is a person of legal age and capable of hiring.
  2.  That resides in Spain or in a place where Spanish legislation governs.
  3. That you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. makes available to the Users and Clients the e-mail address blanquer@blanquer.com so that they can raise any doubt about the General Conditions.

2. Modification of the Legal Notice and General Conditions.

Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. You can modify the General Conditions without prior notice, so it is advisable to read these at each visit to the website. These modifications are applicable as of their publication on the web and may not be applied to the contracts concluded previously. In any case, the date of revision of the General Conditions will appear. Each purchase is governed by the General Conditions in force on the date of order in any case, before any hiring process can be consulted the General Conditions.


3. Responsibility of Maderas y chapas Blaquer S.A.

The products and services presented on the website are in accordance with Spanish legislation. The access to the web page will be voluntary and therefore, the responsibility of the user, who will be responsible for any direct or indirect effect that for the use he makes of the website is derived, including, without limitation, any economic, Technical and / or legal adversity, as well as the defrauding of the expectations generated by our website, being obliged the user to keep Maderas y Chapas Blanquer SL free For any claims derived directly or indirectly from such events.

Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. is not responsible for any damages that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns and / or disconnections in the operational operation of this electronic system or in the users’ computer equipment and equipment, motivated by causes beyond Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. That prevent or delay the provision of services or navigation by the store, or delays or blockages in use caused by deficiencies or overloads of the Internet or other electronic systems, or the inability to provide the service or allow access For reasons not attributable to Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Due to the user, to third parties, or to cases of force majeure. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.  Does not control,  in general,  the use that users make of the web. In particular, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Does not respond in any case that users use the web in accordance with the law, these General Conditions, morality and generally accepted good practices and public order, nor do they diligently and prudently.

The civil liability of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. For the products supplied is limited to the amount thereof, the user or consumer waives any claim to Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. For any concept in any case of dissatisfaction of the products purchased through this website as well as possible failures, slowness of access or errors in access to it, including loss of data, or other information that may exist on the computer or Network of the user accessing Maderas y Chapas Blanquer SL


4. Obligations of customers and users.

In general, the user undertakes to comply with these General Conditions, as well as to comply with the special warnings or instructions of use contained therein or on the website and always act in accordance with the law, good customs and the requirements of The good faith, using due diligence, and refraining from using the web in any way that may prevent, damage or deteriorate the normal operation of the same, the goods or rights of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Its suppliers, the rest of users or in general of any third party. It is prohibited to access and use the portal to minors without the express consent of their parents, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data filled in by the user and therefore can not verify the age of the same.

Specifically, and without implying any restriction to the previous section during the use of the web the user undertakes to:

A)  Provide truthful information about the data requested in the user registration form or order fulfilment, and keep them updated.

B)  Do not introduce, store or broadcast on or from the web any information or material that is defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, incites violence to discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion or Any form that violates morality, public order, fundamental rights, public liberties, honor, privacy or the image of third parties and in general the current legislation.

C)  Do not introduce, store or diffuse through the website of the store any program, data, virus, code, or any other electronic or physical device that is susceptible to cause damages in the web, in any of the services, or in any of Equipment, systems or networks of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Of any other user, from the suppliers of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Or in general of any third party.

D)  To diligently keep the “username” and “password” provided to Maderas y  Chapas Blanquer S.A. Assuming the responsibility for the damages and prejudices that could derive from an abuse of the same ones.

E)  Not to carry out advertising or commercial activities through the web and not to use the contents and information of the same to send advertising, or send messages with any other commercial purpose, nor to collect or store personal data of third parties, not Express authorization.

F)  Not to use false identities, nor to impersonate others in the use of the web or in the use of any of the services thereof, including the use of passwords or access keys of third parties or in any other way

G)  Do not destroy, alter, use, use or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Its suppliers or third parties.

H) Not to introduce, store or diffuse through the store page any content that infringes intellectual property rights, industrial or third party business secrets, nor in general any content which would not have, in accordance with the law, the right to put it Available to third parties.


The customer undertakes to enable the delivery of the requested order by providing a delivery address in which the requested order can be delivered within the usual delivery time.  In case of breach by the client of this obligation Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. will have no responsibility for the delay or impossibility of delivery of the order requested by the customer.


5. Completing the order.

Here are the steps to follow to complete the purchase process:

Step 1. Access the web

To place an order you need to connect to the web.

Step 2. User Registration Register as a user, filling in the electronic form that appears at each moment on the website of the online store and following the instructions indicated therein.

Step 3. Fill shopping cart after registration, and to proceed to purchase products, the User must add the product that you want to purchase to the basket, according to the indications on the screen. Check stock previously.

The prices and offers presented on the web are valid only and exclusively for online orders.

Step 4. Validate Purchase By completing the supplied order forms (Billing Information, Shipping Type, Delivery Data, Payment Method and Order) to this effect and valid the purchase.

The validation of the order by the Client expressly acknowledges the knowledge and acceptance of these General Conditions of Contract as part of the conclusion of the contract. Unless otherwise indicated, the data recorded by Maderas and Chapas Blanquer S.A. Constitute the proof of the set of transactions carried out between Maderas and Chapas Blanquer S.A. and their customers. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. It will archive the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and it will be accessible.

Once the purchase has been made and in the shortest possible time, always within 24 hours of the execution of the purchase, Maderas and Chapas Blanquer S.A. You will send to the Customer by e-mail a proof of purchase. If you do not agree with the information contained in such confirmation you may request the modification of the same or the cancellation of the contract.

Step 5.Payment method selection.

6. Information provided on the web.

We make every effort to provide the information contained on the web truthfully and without typographical errors.  In the event that at any time an error of this type occurs, at any time outside the control of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.  They would be corrected immediately. If there is a typographical error in any of the prices shown and some customer would have made a purchase decision based on said error, we will communicate said error and the customer will have the right to cancel their purchase at no cost on their part. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.  Is not responsible or direct or indirectly for any of the information or differences of color, tone, perspective on the part of the photos given the amount of calibrations of monitors, screens, tablets, mobiles etc. Contents, affirmations and expressions that contain the products commercialized in the web. The offer of the products of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Has indefinite validity being able to be modified, rectified or canceled without previous notice to the habitual and possible users and consumers. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. You may modify the website to make any changes and modifications deemed convenient and necessary for the proper functionality of the website, without prior notice.

7. Availability of products.

The selection of products offered through the web is valid as long as the products are visible on the web, with the stock limits available. When it comes to e-commerce, the stock is updated online, so it could happen that, during the buying process, the stock is depleted, so it is not possible, in these cases, to continue with the purchase and sale initiated. In the tab of each product the state of availability of the same is indicated: – Stock available, The item is in our stock and our commitment to exit from our warehouse is 24/72 hours but will increase a value of shipping that will only be present through communication by the customer via telephone or email to our mail Contact blanquer@blanquer.com – Out of stock. End of stock of the article and temporary impossibility to acquire it. To these must be added the delivery times that may have the transport operators with whom we work. These terms are calculated on working days – from Monday to Friday – since Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. does not make expeditions on holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays. The indicated delivery times are indicative. In the event of any stock breach or timely unavailability of an article Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. It will contact the Customer to notify it immediately and give it a new delivery date or, if it is not possible to serve it, to cancel it. In any case, a delay in delivery with respect to the aforementioned deadlines will not entitle the Customer to demand compensation.
The offers presented by Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Are valid within the limit of available stocks. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Reserves the right to modify the product range based on the difficulties imposed by its suppliers. The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products offered for sale are only orientative and do not in any way compromise the seller Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.


8. Prices.

The prices indicated on the website include IVA. During the purchase process will be disaggregated the amount corresponding to the tax burden according to the rate in force at any time and applicable to the products and / or services marketed. The prices published in Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Are in Euros and are valid except for a typographical error. All prices include the IVA included on the day of the order, any IVA rate change will be automatically applied to the prices of products for sale in Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.


9. Shipping and Shipping.

The shipping and / or handling costs are not included in the price and will be shown to the Customer before the end of the purchase, depending on the shipping address of each order. The Customer can select the desired shipping mode.

Maderas y Chapas Blanquer  S.A. Is not responsible for any delay caused in transport by:


A.    Incorrect or incomplete address

B.    Do not give a contact phone number

C.    Transporter strikes


If the customer does not appreciate external breaks in the package at the time of receipt, but upon opening it observes defects due to transportation, he must notify the transport company in less than 24 hours to record and contact Maderas y   Chapas Blanquer S.A. Otherwise it will be understood that the Product has been accepted in conformity. The transport company after this deadline considers that the material sent is in perfect condition and is not responsible for the damages.

– The products purchased will be delivered to the person and to the address indicated in the order.


– By default, invoices will be sent to the email address indicated by the customer at the time of their registration at Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.


– On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there will be no delivery or delivery of orders.


– Notwithstanding its delay, it will not entail either annulment of the order or compensation.

– An order is considered delivered at the time the carrier delivers the package or packages to the customer and the customer signs the delivery receipt document. It is up to the customer to check the status of the merchandise upon receipt and to indicate any anomalies in the delivery receipt.


10. Payment.

– Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. proposes various means of payment so that the Client can choose the one that best suits him or that best suits his needs:

– Payment by Credit Card: Visa and Master Card have developed a system to make secure payments on the Internet. The Secure Electronic Commerce system is based on the fact that the card issuer (bank or savings bank) identifies the cardholder before authorizing payment on the Internet.

– Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Is adhered to this security protocol so once the product to be purchased and the card number has been selected, a window of the Issuer that asks for its identification is displayed, showing one of the following icons:

– The data of your card and the password are protected by this security system from the moment of its introduction. Once the identification is completed, the Issuer informs Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. That the purchase is being made by the cardholder, so that he can complete the process. If the identification has not been satisfactory, the Issuer informs Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. to proceed accordingly.

– This window is outside the control of Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. being the responsibility of its Issuer any incident that may arise with the same, should contact with that entity if it is in front of this situation.

– Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Reserves the right to refuse any operation carried out with a credit card. In this case we will proceed to reintegrate the cash into the original card. In these cases and if the Client is interested in progressing in the purchase of the articles we will request a bank transfer.

– Transfer Payment: You can make a bank transfer to the account that will be indicated to you when you select that payment mode.

– You have a period of 7 working days to order the transfer after the order is placed. The order will not be considered effective until we confirm the corresponding entry and therefore, the deadlines begin to count from this date. In order to proceed with the order as soon as possible, it is necessary that in the transfer concept, the order number, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. will not be responsible for the delays caused by this reason.

– In case of non-payment by the Client, total or partial, on the due date agreed for one or more shipments of products, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. You may suspend or cancel any shipment or Contract pending, without incurring liability for any damages or losses, including lost profits, or damages for delay or loss of production caused to the Customer. The former Faculty of Timber and Chapas Blanquer  S.A. In no case release the Customer from its contractual obligations in respect of payments due and receipt of products.


11. Modes and deadlines.

The products are shipped to the shipping address that the Customer has indicated in the order (Delivery Data section. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. will not send any products until their administration department has verified that payment has been made.

Delivery at home: It is not possible to arrange delivery times. The delivery time will be from 3 – 7 working days for available products. Courier does not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. In the event that the customer detects a problem at the time of delivery of his order (damaged packaging, missing or damaged products) must indicate in writing on the delivery note of the carrier, and notify Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Via email blanquer@blanquer.com within 7 days of receipt. We will not accept any return of damaged article, as well as claim for missing article, if it has not been communicated within the established period.

All this without prejudice to the guarantee right for products that do not comply with the contract that assists all consumers, in accordance with current regulations.

In the event of a delay in the receipt or withdrawal of the merchandise by the Customer, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. It shall be entitled to store thmerchandise, at the Client’s risk and expense, at its premises or at the premises of a third party and the Customer shall be obliged to pay the expenses incurred to Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.

12. Change and cancellation of orders.

The Customer may change an order as long as it has not been issued. If, for any reason, you want to make a change regarding the confirmation sheet, you must notify us as soon as possible via email to blanquer@blanquer.com indicating the desired changes. Any difference in amount between the original and the modified order will be processed according to the procedure corresponding to the payment method chosen.

The costs of return and new shipment will not be assumed by Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. For its part, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Can not replace without prior consultation the Customer, a product or product model. If it were the case that for reasons beyond Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A.

The supply of the order is not possible, the Customer will be offered the possibility of changing it for a substitute product with similar characteristics giving the right to cancel the order by the Customer. In the event of canceling an order once it has already been confirmed and sent, the Customer will have to pay for the transportation and processing costs incurred.



13. Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw the purchase within 14 calendar days without justification. The withdrawal period will expire on the 14 calendar days of the day that you or a third party appointed by you, other than the carrier, acquired the material possession of the goods.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. (Address: c / Real de Madrid Sur, 15, 46469 Beniparrell (Valencia) or    E-mail: blanquer@blanquer.com your decision to withdraw from the contract. You can also make an unequivocal statement of your decision through a letter sent by mail or fax.

To comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the communication regarding the exercise by you of this right is sent before the corresponding term expires.

Consequences of withdrawal:

In case of withdrawal on your part, we will refund all payments received. You must assume the direct cost of returning the goods

The payment will occur without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 calendar days from the date we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract.

We will make such refund using the same payment method used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly stated otherwise; In any case, you will not incur any expenses as a result of the refund.



14. Product Warranty

All products that we sell have a full warranty of two years from the date of delivery, although the same does not include deficiencies caused by negligence, blows, misuse or improper manipulation, inappropriate voltage, incorrect installations not made by Services Authorized technicians where appropriate, etc., or materials that are worn by use. In the case of computer articles, the warranty will not cover the virus removal, restoration of programs for this reason or the reinstallation of the disk caused by the deletion of the same.

Unless there is evidence to the contrary, it shall be presumed that defects of conformity occurring within six months after delivery of the product, whether new or second-hand, already existed when the product was delivered, except where this presumption is inconsistent with Nature of the product or the nature of the non-conformity.

 – If some of the data of the same or proof of purchase are modified, altered or replaced.

– If you do not have the purchase invoice. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Shall not be liable for any damages of the Client, or any third parties. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. Is not responsible for the incorrect configuration or installations or failure in a computer caused by a component not supplied by Maderas y  Chapas Blanquer S.A.

– The total liability of Maderas and Chapas Blanquer S.A.

– For any concepts, shall not exceed, in any case, the total value of the defective goods supplied. Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. In no case, will be liable for any damages, in particular loss of profit, or damages for expected results, delay or loss of production, beyond the provisions of this clause. The indemnities provided for in this clause will exclude any other indemnity due to defects or lack of quality or quantity.

–  Maderas y Chapas Blanquer S.A. has the responsibility to provide at the time of the sale of the product the necessary documentation to manage any type of RMA incidence.


15. Notifications.

– All notifications, requests, requests and other communications that must be made by the parties in relation to these General Conditions, must be made in writing and will be understood to have been duly made when they have been delivered by hand or sent by ordinary mail to the address Of the other party or to the electronic mail of this one, or to any other address or electronic mail that for this purpose each party can indicate to the other.


16. Nullity and inefficiency of clauses

– Should any clause included in these General Conditions be declared totally or partially null or ineffective, such invalidity or ineffectiveness will affect only that provision or the part thereof that is null or ineffective, with the General Conditions remaining in all other respects, Such provision being, or the part of the same that was affected, not put.


17. Applicable legislation

– The sales made in Maderas and Chapas Blanquer S.A. are subject to Spanish legislation.

These General Conditions of Contract are subject, inter alia, to the following Regulations:

–  Ley 7/1996, de 15 de enero de Ordenación del Comercio Minorista (“LOCM”)

– Ley 7/1998, de 13 de abril, sobre Condiciones Generales de Contratación (“LCGC”)

– Real Decreto 1906/1999, de 17 de diciembre, por el que se regula la Contratación Telefónica o Electrónica con condiciones generales

– Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, de 16 de noviembre, por el que se aprueba el texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias (“TRLGDCU”)

– Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico (“LSSICE”)

– Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (“LOPD”)


In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these contractual conditions, the Courts and Tribunals that, if applicable, will be aware of the matter, will be those that have the applicable legal regulations in matters of competent jurisdiction, in Which is addressed, in the case of final consumers, to the place of fulfilment of the obligation or to that of the domicile of the purchasing party.

In the event that the buying party acts as a legal entity, both parties submit, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the corresponding Courts and Tribunals.

The parties submit, at their election, for the resolution of conflicts and with waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the courts and courts of the user’s domicile.


These General Conditions of Contract are updated as of 03/07/2017