In order to provide the best service to our customers, at Maderas y Chapas Blanquer, we have our own sawmill with a capacity for logs and pieces up to 12 meters long. This length enables us to obtain lumber and wooden beams with special size specifications, as well as personalized sawn items according to our customers’ needs.

Thanks to our extensive expertise and our profesional staff, we can advise our customers how to obtain the best possible results with the maximum quality.

*This service is subject to the availability of logs.


Among our services, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer offers to our customers a veneered board service. The veneered board consists of covering with natural veneer, either one-sided or two-sided, through our own heat and pressure techniques.

This service is subject to a minimum order of 3 units, and following the parameters indicated by our customers. They may choose from our broad range of natural veneers and from  a wide selection of boards. Within this variety, there are also chipboards, indoor boards (urea adhesive), outdoor boards (phenolic adhesive), MDF, as well as flame-retardant and water-repellant.


To facilitate greater product adaptation to our customers’ needs,at Maderas y Chapas Blanquer, we have an extensive range of layons. The layons are veneer sheets linked together to obtain bigger workinng pieces and formats.

You can consult our stock of layons or you can ask for personalized custom-made layons for each of the species we work with, provided that your request complies with minimum order conditions.


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