In 1921, in the small industrial town of Banyeres de Mariola, Ramón Blanquer started a small business offering a mechanical sawmill, carpentry and the sale of all kinds of timber. This small business expanded in 1981, to give birth to the current Maderas y Chapas Blanquer

Since its creation, excellence and quality have become our company’s fundamental pillars. Currently, under the leadership of the third and fourth generation, in Maderas y Chapas Blanquer, we are managing to perpetuate these values and have positioned ourselves at an international level, as one of the leading companies in the industry, with a wide variety of forest species in stock.

We have always emphasied the goal of providing the best quality in our raw materials.




Our history goes back to 1921, when Ramón Blanquer started a small sawing and traditional carpentry business. Our daily activity was based on the production of boxes for fruit-packaging needs and carpentry work. Advances in the industry and the emergence of cardboard boxes, more suitable for transport, led his son Jorge Blanquer, with his entrepreneurial spirit, to consider covering new market niches.



As a response to market needs and the strong demand from the Valencian furniture industry, in 1960, the reinvention of the familiar business was decided and the Blanquers relocated their facilities to Valencia from Banyeres de Mariola which was too far away. The business specialised in the harvesting, preparation and sale of all sorts of timber. Only a few years were needed for the firm to earn industry recognition.


2ª generación

Finally in 1981, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer was established as we know it today. With strong roots and a wide knowledge of the wood-related world, the third generation of the Blanquers was able to make the business grow, expanding from the 100m2 of warehouse floor space to the current facilities with 12,000 m2 of warehouse space, together with other spaces for drying and storage.

stand maderas y chapas blanquer

3ª generación

At this moment under the leadership of the third and fourth generations, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer, is completely proud of having reached wide international recognition while preserving our values which have accompanied us over generations in our family. Our strong roots have allowed us to evolve with the times and have enabled us to respond effectively to our customer’s needs by offering them the best quality of raw materials and an excellent service.


Management Team

Today, our management team is a characterized by its youth, and its high qualification to face the day by day of running a family bisiness in the timber market, both nationally and internationally.


In keeping with our mission to always offer the best services, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer carries out exhaustive quality and security controls during production and distribution processes, thereby ensuring perfection in each detail.

The commitment to wanting to improve day by day, along with our concerns about minimising environmental impact, is reflected in our adoption of the Code of Good Environmental Practice set forth by AEIM (Spanish Association of Timber Importers). Furthermore we have obtained the certifications known as Chain of Custody Certification FSC® and PEFC™. In Maderas y Chapas Blanquer, we are aware that our social and environmental responsibility involves a sustainable balance when obtaining raw materials.

Our endeavor in assuring the maximum quality for our customers has meant we have committed to personalized attention, because every customer is unique for us, as are their needs. That is why we are focused on offering a  close and trust-inspiring relationship aimed at obtaining the full satisfaction of any customer.

It its the search of this personalised proximity, we at Blanquer have, together with our professional staff, participated in numerous key trade fairs and exhibitions, such as Amueblando el Hábitat de la mano de la naturaleza in the Príncipe Felipe  Museum, Casa Pasarela and Fimma-Maderalia, where we directly detect and analyse our customers’ needs and personally solve any queries they may have.


Our philosophy and our high quality standards have resulted in Maderas y Chapas Blanquer distributing products, not only in Spain, but also throughout the world, thereby responding to the most representative customer demand at an international level.

  • Europe: Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Belorussia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, England, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • Africa: Egypt, Morocco
  • America:  Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela.
  • Asia: China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Pakistan, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey.


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